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Did I paint something for you? Leave me a comment. It will make my day!

Chris W.

I just received my first painting from Off The Wall Paintings for a gift for my wife Amanda. It's of her pride and joy Frankie, an amazing rat terrier that introduced the two of us years ago.

I don't know Lauren, the artist, personally but ordered the painting based on liking pictures of her work that I saw on Facebook. I supplied her with pictures of Frankie, painting size and background color. Also I couldn't resist telling a few stories about him.

Throughout the process Lauren sent me samples of her progress. Once the painting was done she sent me a picture of it and explained that the photo would give me an idea of what to expect but wouldn't do the painting full justice. I had no idea how true that statement would be.

Upon revealing the carefully packed painting, that crossed seven or eight states, I was overcome with gratitude for Lauren and the masterpiece she'd accomplished. She not only captured the physical details of Frank's body but also the sweetness in his eyes.

I wasn't sure if we'd get more of a cartoon version of Frankie in our painting or if it would come out more like a portrait. It's definitely more like a portrait and so special. Christmas came early this year and next to Frankie this painting is my wife's most prized possession.

Thank you Lauren for showing such class throughout the process and for having such a wonderful finished product. Frankie lives forever!! The Watkins Family

Sandra B.

I just opened it, Lauren!! It's exactly what we wanted for my parents!! Thank you again so much!! I'll definitely recommend you to other dog lovers!!!

Tia D.

I received an awesome surprise in the mail today from They sent me this amazing painting you did of my dog, Jackson. I just wanted to saythank you! We absolutely love this!! I also posted the picture to Jackson's instagram account and "he" is now following you :) (@jackson_theboston)


Thanks so much!

Tia and Jackson

Jen A.

I am absolutely amazed by the detail of Poh's painting.  It's truly a beautiful work of art and I can't thank you enough for making my idea into a reality.  I look at this and feel a whole lot emotions going through my body right now.  Words can't express how thankful I am right now!  I appreciate your timeliness for the project and will send this to Poh and his family!  I am very excited to let you know their reaction   Thank you for the sweet card and I will definitely spread the word on your wonderful work.


Will definitely keep in touch and let you know when I'm ready for you to paint my fur babies.

Daniel G.

Wanted to let you know your painting went over very well!  I can’t believe how much is looked like Binks & Monster.  I think you helped me score some major points and she got to brag to her friends for a few days.  Wanted to say thanks, you did a great job!

Travis J.

In a word, amazing! On short notice I asked Lauren to create a portrait of our little Sadie for my wife's birthday. The result was beyond my expectations. Not only did Lauren finish ahead of schedule, but she also sent pictures of the portrait while it was in progress to see if I had any changes.The painting turned out beautiful and we now have a completely unique, one of a kind painting to cherish forever. Thank you Lauren. -via Etsy Reviews

Shannon M.

I couldn't be happier with my painting! Lauren was able to do a rush order and get the finished product to me in less than a week. She sent me pictures during the creative process, and the finished product came gift-wrapped with a personalized note. -via Etsy

Brendan, Atlanta Humane Society

The artist created a wonderful rendering of my do from just a few pictures. She really captured his personality in ways that made me feel she met him and spent hours together, when in fact they never met. The attention to what I know are his idiosyncrasies showed true thru the portrait. Lauren was very generous and donated her work for the benefit of the Humane Society of Forsyth County for our Bark and Boogie Ball. I am very grateful to know her and I hang her painting of Onyx prominently in my home.

Kathy H.

Lauren has done two paintings for me and is now working on a third one. It is amazing how she was able to capture my cats' personalities on these two small canvases. Both of these paintings touched my heart so deeply, and I don't know that I can ever adequately thank her. She sent me a photo of the sketch for the third painting, and now I am eager to see the finished portrait. I am sure that I will be sending more requests soon. Thank you again, Lauren. Kathy H.

Nancy P.

All I can say is wow, wow, wow! Lauren's work is amazing! This painting totally captures our beloved pet's look and personality. Not only is Lauren talented but she's lovely to work with. She emailed me with pictures as they developed and asked for my input. When I asked if she could portray our cat, Justice's, wide eyed look, she did it and the results are amazing! This is a bday gift for my daughter and I KNOW she'll love it AND it'll become. Family heirloom! Now I want one of my beloved Siamese, Pucci. Thanks Lauren, from the bottom of my heart! You're awesome! -via Etsy

Susan A.

With increased volume, and the opportunity to paint full time, Lauren's special touch has evolved. Over these past few months, gradual, exponential improvement has emerged. Focused on each unique pet, as shown in the photograph from which she paints, and as described by their human, Lauren paints pets with sensitivity and sensibility. You can feel them. You can touch and fluff their fur. They're alive. So lifelike, it seems the animal will speak at any time.

Eric Y.

Words cannot express how awesome our painting is. Communication was on point. Delivery was extra speedy. We can not wait to do business again!
Eric via Etsy Reviews

Taryn P.

10+ stars!!! Lauren was amazing to work with, and painted a memorial painting for our old dog. It looks EXACTLY like him. She brought out his personality in the painting. Every inch of it is stunning and obviously painted with care. Great packaging, fast shipping, awesome seller communication, and beautiful artwork! -Taryn via Etsy Reviews

Barbara B.

I've now ordered 2 paintings from Lauren. Her work is absolutely amazing. It's incredible how she captured both dogs perfectly. She works with you to custom tailor the painting and shares developments along the way. She is amazing and the price is a real value! -Barbara via Etsy Reviews

Jodi A.

We recently had to put our dog of 15 years down. Despite the sorrow we have experienced, our ability to look at her everyday through Lauren's talents brings smiles to our family. Lauren captured Baileys most endearing feature, her adorable face, and brought her back to us in a special way. Lauren was extremely attentive to our requests and ideas and working with her was a wonderful experience! Now we can look at our painting everyday and smile, reclaiming the memories and love Bailey brought to us!! 

Linda D.

I let my daughters open the painting of Snuggles on Christmas. They were almost speechless when they saw it. We had Snuggles 14 years and she was a very special soul on earth, and now in heaven. We love the painting. Lauren, you did a fantastic job capturing her spirit, we will cherish it forever.

Jo B.

Oh Lauren, Thank you so much for the painting of Willie for Christmas, You  have an amazing gift for capturing the personality of the subject. My husband was so surprised and touched. Willie even gave his approval with a lick.
For anyone considering hiring Lauren, DO IT! I researched many artists before making my desicion and I am so happy I found Lauren. The attention to detail is amazing. A lot of people can paint. Lauren is able to paint the personality of your pet. Again, she has a true gift and has thankfully decided to share it with us.

Jennifer B.

Lauren does an amazing job of bringing personality to pets. It started with a smaller piece she did of my cat Andrew, and now this painting of Otis for my lovely sister. I'm in love with this!

This painting turned out perfectly! Thanks to Lauren and her incredible customer service. Her attention to detail and willingness to accommodate me were top notch. She is extremely talented and was a pleasure to work with. -Sandy via Etsy Reviews

Allison H.

Working with Lauren has been effortless! She is creative, professional, and most improtantly she listens to the customers needs and even delivers!

Mandy R.

Working with Lauren was delightful! I sent her several pictures of my friends' dog and she really did a great job of painting the portrait showing that dog's personality! It was a wonderful gift! Lauren even checked in with me after the holidays to see how my friends liked it. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a fun gift for a pet owner -- or for themselves.

Travis Y.

This absolutely the most sentimental gift any one has every giving me I can't thank you and my beautiful girlfriend Hary Mammack enough this portrait is a exact replica of my beautiful son "King" not a day goes by that I don't wish he was still here and I was going to get a portrait of him tattooed on me but not I don't have to i have the most beautiful portrait of him hanging on my wall I was in tears when she gave this portrait to me....we are going to keep this forever n ever...I can't thank you enough lauren...hope to one day finally meet you and I'll tell u again how thankful I am of it in person....

Elizabeth W.

My boyfriend absolutely loves the painting and he’s been so cute and loves showing all of his friends. Thanks again and hopefully it’ll lead to some referrals for you – you’re so talented!

Mario R.

I can't thank you enough for this amazing painting. My girfriend was crying on how much she loved it. It's an absolutely great painting that you have brought our Cinnamon back to life.

Grant P.

Lauren, I greatly appreciate the amazing work you've done with the portraits of "Chaz" and "Shadow". I was astounded by the skill with which you captured each of their personalities. The blending you did on "Chaz" really captured the reflective qualities of the weimaraner coat and the intricate sunset background you did on "Shadow" was absolutely mesmerizing. Thanks again for taking all of my input and putting it on canvas in such a remarkable way. I'm very proud to call you a friend and especially proud of the work you've done for me. You are a skillful artist and have a promising future. I'm going to sing your praises everywhere. Thanks so much.

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