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About the Artist

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The Sun-Smart Collection

I base my paintings on your photos, so email me some of your favorite photos of your pet.
A close-up or high resolution photo is very helpful. Capturing the personality and essence of your pet is key! 
Payment is super easy with a Paypal invoice which allows you to pay with any type of credit/debit card or even Paypal.
I send you photos of my painting progress to ensure the final product exceeds what you had envisioned! Once you've approved the painting and are 100% happy, your painting is shipped for free via 2-day Priority USPS with available tracking updates.


Comfort X Design

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Transport In Style

you can tell from some of my pet paintings, I can paint a traditional portrait of your pet or something a little more off the wall and creative. Let me know some of your pet's personality traits: favorite foods, toys, likes, dislikes.. etc. and we'll talk about how that might be reflected in the painting. I also want to hear about your tastes. Is there a color palette you'd like me to stick with? If you have a specific idea for a painting, I can paint anything you can dream up. Or let me come up with some ideas for the portrait and you can approve or tweak them.Time FrameApprox. 2-3 weeks. 

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